Poly Spain is president of her tenant association in a public housing development in New York’s Upper West Side. Join Mel and Steff as they step into Poly’s world and learn about the mechanisms that keep urban communities poor. In Poly’s words, “it’s an industry”.

 Inez Aponte and Ben Brangwyn live in Totnes, England, a town that has reimagined their local economy to support greater sustainability, enagagement, and happiness for all.

In this episode, Mel and Steff chat with Enno Schmidt and Marjukka Turunnen, two experts on the practice of Universal Basic Income (UBI). What would the world look like if the government took over your allowance from your parent after you turned 18?

Listen as Faith in Leadership co-founders, Krish Raval and Denny Braggins, share the formative moments that led them to their work bridging divides between religious leaders worldwide. Where does money fit into our conversation about religion? And what can we learn from their model of cooperation and uniting over differences?

Kate Raworth walks Steff and Mel through the premise of her work on Doughnut Economy – that economics is a field where everyone can participate in the conversation and that we must move away from a model that puts the market first toward one where the model supports life.

Pod of Gold host, Stefanie Overbeck, shares the story of building a sustainable “swiss mountain” in the Dubai desert only to watch the foundation crumble underneath her.

Pod of Gold host, Mel Wymore, talks us through the 25 years of community activism experience in New York City that led him to an important realization about making a more lasting impact: tackling the money system.

Stef and Mel share their journeys, and what brought them to the Pod of Gold.