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Prepare Our Kids for a Prosperous Future

PolyMoney is a mission-driven organization that relies on the support of its donors. All contributions are 100{d0bed131420b6e579e2abb2f1c08b03721eb495ffdc74730a858fe73bae21a52} tax deductible in the USA.

“If we are ever to enjoy a balanced and sustainable world, we need to prepare next generations to think differently about money. The learning tools of PolyMoney form a launching pad for profound and necessary societal transformation. Mustardseed Trust is proud to have given PolyMoney its start.”

— Bela and Ellen Hatvany, Founders, Mustardseed Trust

Details for Donors


Why PolyMoney Learning Games? “Systemic change.”

Countless organizations work tirelessly to heal our environment, overcome poverty, secure human rights, and address thousands of other vital issues. When it comes to giving, there is no wrong choice.

We also believe it’s time to focus on root causes.  PolyMoney Games is a platform that empowers people to discover systemic patterns, see how economic systems shape human behavior, and shift the paradigm of economics.  When currency is seen as a powerful tool (not just a way to get rich), we can design currencies to solve complex problems like  poverty and climate change.

What’s the payback? “Our future.”

We are committed to making every investment in PolyMoney Games a win for our future. For us, that means offering easy ways for people (especially children) to develop awareness, build skills, and access the imagination necessary to create inclusive and sustainable economies.

Our products and programs are designed to inspire exploration of how society works, and also what’s missing.  We are a launching pad for systemic change, creating economies that balance personal interests, account for interconnections, and serve our “larger selves” as members of families, communities, cultures, and habitats.

An investment in PolyMoney is a commitment to prosperity for people and planet.

Does PolyMoney Learning Games want to replace our existing system? “No.”

The basic premise of PolyMoney Games is that current economic tools and policies are designed to facilitate an essential kind of commerce, which sometimes overlooks or even detracts from other objectives like nourishing our ecosystems or uplifting rural communities.  We believe complementary currencies and other tools could be designed to not only address these side-affects, but spread prosperity to more people.

Is PolyMoney Learning Games about cryptocurrencies? “No, but new technologies offer new possibilities.”

PolyMoney Games provides a catalyst for economic learning. We believe complementary currencies (digital or analog) will play a meaningful role in the future — improving economic access, strengthening local economies, and solving social problems.  Technologies like block chain make it relatively easy to design and implement different types of complementary currencies to achieve societal goals.

Is PolyMoney against capitalism? “No, we inspire the development of economic tools that support all people and ecosystems on earth.”

All major economic systems (capitalism, socialism, communism) use similar tools to facilitate trade.  For example, money is employed as a store of value and means of exchange in every major economic system. We believe there is enormous potential in creating currencies and other economic tools to balance interests in a way that serves ourselves, our communities, and our world.